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I don’t know what a perfect family looks like, but I know what a happy family looks like. Once in a while, it looks like the pictures, but most of the time, it’s a little chaotic. Despite all of our idiosyncrasies, it’s been a remarkable and blessed opportunity to “grow up” together. I believe that families can be together forever, and I can’t think of a group of people I’d rather spend eternity with than mine.
I never wanted to pursue a career–I just wanted to be a mom. I couldn’t think of a better place for me to be than home, or of a better person to raise my children than me. But along the pathway of family life, I’ve found a few little gems of personal opportunity, and I’ve had some great experiences while pursuing them. Still, I’m first and foremost a mom, and now a grandma, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Following is a list of random things about me, if you’re interested.
  • I’m a homebody.
  • I only own 8 pairs of shoes, and I only ever wear 4 or 5 of them.
  • I took up snow skiing when I was 30 and wakeboarding when I was 40. I finally settled on music, where I can stay warm and I never face plant.
  • I didn’t start writing songs until about 10 years ago.
  • I would take a really good hot dog over a steak any day, and I don’t care what’s in it.
  • After 8 collective years in college, I finally graduated with my music degree in 2009.
  • We have 5 children — 2 in med school, and 3 in college.
  • I watched them play in about 1500 baseball games and 500 basketball games over the years, and I loved every minute of it.
  • One of my favorite memories ever is riding double on a scooter in the Swiss Alps with my only daughter, Rebecca.
  • When I was 12, Happy Days was the edgiest show on TV. And my parents wouldn’t let me watch it.
  • My kids are my best friends.
  • I credit insomnia for every decent project I’ve ever done.
  • Having too many choices makes me crazy (8-page menus, 700 TV channels, WalMart….)
  • I have a deep and abiding faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, which gives me direction, purpose and peace.
  • The best thing I’ve ever done is marry John.

I write songs of faith for the people I love, and I never think that anyone else will hear them, but they usually do, and that brings me a lot of happiness. I also teach piano lessons, and I give a presentation about unplugging the materialism machine and making more room for the Savior in our lives. If you have a question about lessons, or you want to schedule a presentation for your group (it’s free), or for any other reason, you may email me at ShawnaBeltEdwards(at)gmail(dot)com.




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  1. Patty

    YOU are amazing and I am still crying after listening to your song “The Gift”. Thank you, thank you for sharing your testimony of Christ and his gift to the world with me.

  2. Reva

    Your song, The Miracle, is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with the world. We love all you’ve done. I will send this link to friends and family members. Keep writing music- we
    love it.

  3. Connie Munn

    Is there somewhere I can get the video. They want to use it in RS for the Sunday before Christmas. I don’t know if I can stream it at the church. Sometimes I don’t have internet service.

    Thank you,

  4. Sherri Stradling

    Hi! I left a message on I Tunes, but thought I would try here too. I am giving the Young Women Combined Easter Lesson on Easter Sunday and would absolutly love showing this at the end of my lesson, it’s perfect! I would need to download it from an email and show it from my laptop on the big screen. Let me know if it is possible for me to get that emailed to me so I can dowload it. Maybe even a link I can click on that would show it. Thank you so very much for making such a great video and sharing it! Oh it’s the Easter Video I’m talking about “The Miracle”

    Sherri Stradling
    Mesa, AZ

  5. Leonette Wells

    How can I get a copy of this video? I want to use it in a young women’s lesson about the Atonement!

    • Shawna Belt Edwards


      If I haven’t already answered you via email, here are the instructions:
      There is a downloadable version of “The Miracle” on Vimeo that can be used for showing in your class, program, or worship service. The purpose for having the video downloadable is so that you do not have to rely on the Internet feed to play it.

      However, to protect the copyright of Del Parson (the artist), please delete the video from your computer after you show it. Does that make sense?

      Here is the link to the video:

      All the best,

  6. Sonya

    Wow I’m so excited Shawna- Thank you so much for the sheet music! … and for your speedy reply!!!!
    BUT I just tried to web link and there was an error and couldn’t find the page? What do you think the problem is?

    Sonya Staben

  7. tracie summerhays

    Hi Shawna, love your music! my daughter and husband sang Do You Have Room for the Savior last Christmas! What amazing words and beautiful music. I remember last year reading about how you simplify Christmas from decorations to gifts. I was amazed that you could do all your shopping in one day. I can’t find that article on your website. I am hoping to simplify this year and wondering if you could post that again. Thanks, Tracie

  8. Karen Storm


    Is there anyway I can use the “Do you Have Room for the Savior” video on a Christmas concert? at my church? The video would be played while someone sings the song. I want to be honest. Is there anywhere I can purchase it?


    Karen Storm

  9. Amy Sachs

    Thank you so much for your beautiful music! It is a true gift to the world and an incredible expression of faith and Christ’s love. I plan to sing “Do You Have Room for the Savior” for our church’s Christmas Eve service. My church is a small country church that is over 175 years old. Most of the members are related and we recently lost a beloved member. He had his doctorate in divinity and was always such an encouragement to me when I taught Adult Sunday School. I plan to dedicate the song in his memory. I’m sure he will be listening and smiling holding hands with Jesus.
    Amy Sachs

  10. Josie Himes

    Hi, I love your song “Do you have room?” and I really want to perform it for my churches Christmas Eve concert. I am completely willing to buy the track but could I possible buy an mp3 file of the performance track?

  11. Kent Palmer

    I would like to use your video “Do you have room?” this Christmas eve. Can i purchase it for use or what is best way to handle this? I know it is on youtube. Suggestions?

  12. Lynette Carver

    I don’t know how to get in touch with you any other way….our wonderful concert choir at American Heritage School is doing a recording. Our director, Rob Swenson, would like permission to have the students perform and record one of your songs. Could you reply to the school or to myself as soon as possible to let us know if that is okay? Hope all is well with your family! Lynette

  13. Emily Bird

    Hello Is their anyway to listen to the song, Come Unto Christ on your website? I have found Coming Home but not Come Unto Christ. We are learning it in our Young Womens group and I think they would learn it better if they could hear it sung.

  14. Alicia - Phoenix, AZ

    Hello Ms. Edwards,

    I love the “Coming Home” song and I’d like to purchase the whole album. I was wondering how many songs are on the album? I have been looking for this album at some church stores and have not been successful.


  15. LeAnne Vernon

    Hello! I have downloaded all the tracks as well as sheet music for “Coming Home” – what a beautiful song. So thank you so much!! Our YW in Gilbert AZ will be singing it at our YWIE in November (2014). Anyways….you wouldn’t have, by chance, a copy of that song in a lower key? Thanks!!

  16. Bruce Jones

    Dear Shanna, I have been very touched by your music. Is there a way to buy or download a copy of fire in the covenant? We would like to use it in preparation for taking our Rigby Stake Youth to Martins Cove. Thank you, Bruce and Kathy Jones

  17. Nancy Beckstrom

    Hi Shawna,
    I contacted you 3 years ago when I used your song Do You Have Room in my Stake Christmas Fireside (love that song). I needed a video without the words on it to show at the fireside and you told me where I could find that. I need it again for this years Stake Christmas Fireside. Please remind me where I can get that again. In addition, my ward Young Women are singing Coming Home for their Night in Excellence this November. I can see how to purchase the music, but I was wondering if there is a video that goes with this song for showing at the Night of Excellence. If so please tell me how to get it. Keep writing music. I love all of it! You are so talented!
    Thank you

  18. Laura Andrews

    This is the most beautiful song!! I have been searching for a song for my primary to sing this year one of the months because we are talking about the miracles of Jesus… I have searched and searched and now I have found the song!!! Do you have an arrangement for my little primary to sing of this? the Solo one perhaps? Please let me know as soon as you can as I am preparing next year… Thank you!


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