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Adelheid Hulme

Adelheid Hulme

“God will fight our battles
And keep us safe, and guide us.
We will stand undaunted,
For we know He stands beside us.”
I wrote “Stand” to highlight our church’s 2013 youth theme: Stand ye in holy places, and be not moved. Find out more about holy places below.
I’ve been thinking about holy places for a long time — where they are, and what they are. To begin with, members of the Mormon Church revere their TEMPLES as the holiest places on earth – literally God’s house, where we come out of the world to learn of Him and make covenants with Him. Our homes can also be holy places, and our churches, of course. But the concept of a holy place isn’t merely geographical. It can be an event, an action, or even a feeling. James E. Faust has said, “Holiness is the strength of the soul.”

Of course, JESUS CHRIST was and is our ultimate example of holiness, but there are many other examples in the scriptures of people doing simple, yet holy things that had profound consequences: Moses went up to the mountain. Daniel prayed. Joseph fled. Martha served.

Here are some of my holy ‘places’, in no particular order:

The temple
Family dinners on Sunday evening
Heber Valley Camp
Talking to John when he gets home from work
Riding my bike up the river trail
Our home
The swing in our back yard
Reading the Book of Mormon 

These ‘places’ bring me peace and comfort. They give me renewed strength to carry on, and a clearer perspective on what matters and what doesn’t.

I’m convinced that as the battle between good and evil intensifies, it will be increasingly important for us to stand in holy places, and to be holy people. In return, we are promised additional strength, power and protection. We can stand with confidence, for “…the battle is not [ours], but God’s.” (2 Chronicles 20:15)

Many thanks to Adelheid Hulme, with her pure, easy-to-listen-to voice.  She was a consummate professional at the recording studio, literally taping the entire song in a little over 20 minutes. Adelheid, you have great things ahead of you.

And to Masa Fukuda for recording and arranging it. I have learned to trust Masa, and appreciate his work on many of my projects. He’s a musical mastermind.

And last, but certainly not least, thanks to John, who has an innate musical gift, and isn’t afraid to say, “That’s not very good” when it’s not. I know I’m there when he finally says, “I love it.” Thanks, John, for helping me hang in there until it’s right.

What are some of your holy places?






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  1. Claudean Burke

    Of course I love, love, love this song. I wrote you about Everything Speaks His Name for my one son’s homecoming….remember? Guess what? Now I have another son going out. We don’t know where yet…he just turned his papers in. I heard this song and immediately thought it would be an awesome song for his farewell! Do you have the sheet music for sale? I didn’t see it listed.Thanks Shawna for sharing such a beautiful talent with us!

    • Shawna

      Oh sorry, Claudean! You’re too fast for me — I haven’t posted the sheet music or the mp3 yet, but will have them up tonight. Thanks so much for your kind words, and I’ll get working on it right now.

  2. Lynda Monroe

    “God will fight our battles, And keep us safe, and guide us. We will stand undaunted, For we know He stands beside us.”
    I love this beautiful song you have composed. With the present signs of the times, we need assurance to Stand and believe God will fight our battles. Your song is so beautiful with great wisdom and truth. You have been truly blessed with a gift that can touch any heart. I believe anywhere we stand and allow God’s love to flow into and through us, it is His Holy Place. Not just a church, temple, home, park, but in your heart. This is the message I felt from your song. Thank you again Shawna for the blessing. Lynda

    • Shawna

      Thank you so much! That is EXACTLY the message I wanted to convey, and you’ve characterized it so beautifully — “not just in a church, temple, home, park, but in your heart.” Amen!
      Thanks for listening,

  3. Lesa Pulham

    I can’t tell you how much I love this song. My Holy Place is our Young Women’s meeting room in our chapel. Oh, how I love those young women and when they sing STAND, it is truly inspiring. I try to sing with them but the tears always flow. I’m so glad you were prompted to write this song. IT’S THE BEST!!!!!

    Thanks forever!
    Lesa Pulham

  4. Amanda

    I absolutely love your songs. I am so glad that you’ve made them available to purchase on your website. Thank you for sharing these beautiful musical messages with us!

  5. Lin Atkinson

    When I was trying to recover from a devastating experienceI had no safe place to go. I remembered how the lord teaches with symbols and images and so I worked very hard to create some in my mind and make them so holy and strong that nothing of the world or other world could penetrate them. One was of a Pavilion surrounded by very large invincible warriors, Stripling Warriors grown up perhaps. NOthing could get to me inside it, and so I slept peacefully within. Another is standing before a huge army of evil. I know heavenly Father is standing just behind me on my left. I cannot see Him, but I can lower my hand and clutch His robe tightly in my fist. As long as I have hold on that, I can face anything. I can bring these to mind whenever I need them and am always able to deal with whatever I need to face.

  6. judi morris

    Shawna….you have done it again! Your music just says it all so perfectly. I think that if your heart is in tune and you are doing what you know to be right and good and just….that is your Holy Place. If we have our Father in our hearts and thoughts, he will let us feel that we are in those Holy Places….thank you, again! I can hardly wait to be able to get the music!

  7. Taz Parkes

    We are making our Holy Places strong against the powers of the Adversary. This lovely song will help to strengthen so many lives! May God bless you that you may continue creating such beautiful testaments that firm our faith in Him. We love you! Smiles…Taz

  8. Cindee

    I’m pretty sure that my cluttered office became a holy place while listening to your song. I believe that just about any location can be a holy place when we are living righteously and creating an environment (physically and spiritually) that is conducive to the Spirit. Thank you for sharing your talents, Shawna. I’d like to send a copy of your song to my missionaries.

    • Shawna

      Wow — it would take a lot for MY cluttered office to become a holy place! But you’re right, we can make holy places wherever we are. And I would love to have your share the song with your missionaries. All the best,

  9. Marcia

    As a Young Women’s President I have been focused on helping my girls realize that a Holy Place is wherever you are when you are trying to choose good and trying to be good. Heavenly Father will make the ground you stand on holy with your pure thoughts and desires.
    Your song is so beautiful! We have been asked as a YW to sing in Sacrament mtg and until I heard your song I didn’t know what to sing. I would love a download of it so we can share this message with our whole ward! Thanks!

    • Shawna

      Marcia, I sent you the mp3, but if you’re planning to sing it in Sacrament Meeting, you may want the sheet music, also. Let me know, and thanks for your kind words.

  10. Cheryl

    My holy places are where the people I love are. Family is so critical in this day and age and is constantly under attack. Shawna, as with The Miracle my heart was deeply touched by the message of this song. I appreciate your incredible talent to put thoughts to music. I believe music can touch and change hearts. I have a missionary daughter I would like to share this with if that’s OK. Thank you for blessing my life with your music!

  11. Megan Hinton

    My daughters and I love this song! We love all of your songs and my daughter can’t wait to sing yet another one of your beautiful songs that invites the spirit and sends a powerful message. Is there sheet music for purchase for a solo? Thank you:)

  12. Christine

    Loved this new composition. It even motivates me to stand for the truth at all times. My life sometimes seems like one long battle for happiness. I’m not always up for it, and I get tired of fighting. I realize I’m not the only one fighting the battle though. Let us be not moved!

  13. Brittany Bascom

    This song is such a strength to me! every time i hear it i literally get the chiils! I am so thankful for you and your beautiful words! Can i get a copy of the music?

  14. Gayle

    Great message in the song! Thanks for it!

  15. Leonette

    I want to thank you for sharing your amazing talent! This song really speaks to my soul and I helps you understand how important this scripture verse really is. If we don’t chose to stand in holy places ad be not moved, I don’t think we will be able to endure. This is a song I need to share with our Young Women! Thank you again! Keep writing, I can’t wait to hear more!

  16. Leonette

    We have been trying to teach our young woman how their choices can have such a huge impact on their future. We had them write a list now of what they would do and wouldn’t do so that they don’t have to make those decisions in the moment with peer pressure!

  17. Amy


    Yet another beautiful song!!! Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us. Do you happen to have a copy of the sheet music available for purchase? I work with the Young Women teaching them beautiful music and I would love for them to learn this before the end of the year. Is that possible?

  18. Lanae Kener

    Thank you for sharing your talents. “Stand” is a beautiful song. I need to get a copy of the music.

  19. Wendi

    Especially in the world today, I almost have to think how I can make any place more “holy” by how I chose to think about and interact with others every where I go. My most favorite holy place is the temple for sure!
    Thanks so much for sharing your music and talents!

  20. Heidi

    I first fell in love with Do You Have Room and then had our Primary sing “The Miracle” for Easter. We also just performed it as part of our Primary program and there were many tears in the congregation. You write such amazingly beautiful music that speaks to my heart.

    I just found Stand on Youtube and it is one I want to teach my 12 year old daughter. She was adopted from a country in the Carribean and she often feels that she stands out as different from the rest of the YW. I want her to know that she DOES stand out in the world but it is due to her choice to stand in holy places and obey her Heavenly Father’s commandments. I would love to be able to purchase the sheet music.

  21. Amy Robbins

    The timing of hearing this song! The missionaries spoke in church this last Sunday, and one spoke about Standing in Holy Places. He talked about the usual things that we think of, but also that any place that we can feel our Father’s love is a Holy place. If you hide and pray in your bathroom, that is a holy place. As you are in your car going to serve someone and ask for the Lord’s help, that is a holy place. He had so many examples that reminded us that when we live with the Lord with us, a holy place can be anywhere!

    Thank you for such a beautiful song. Again.

  22. Kerry Stanger

    I have been searching for weeks for a song to use in a slideshow for our Young Women in excellence program. Today I came across your song Stand and knew this was exactly what I had been searching for. You have captured the message we want to share with our beautiful young women. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

  23. Cindee

    Thank you for sharing your amazing talent for songwriting. Your songs are beautiful. I’ve been looking at the “Come Unto Christ” CD – is the entire CD available to order as a digital download?

  24. Andrea Osborne

    I cant wait to learn this song. I am hearing impaired and used songs like this to sign. People loves it when I do “Do you Have Room?” I am hoping to purchase your CD. But I also like to make a request… Can you put captions on your youtube videos? I like to show the video as I am signing and it really helps to have captions with it. But I thank God for your work and the blessings you give to others!

  25. Sara

    I would live a copy of the song. Thanks!

  26. Jennifer

    Our Young Women are gearing up for Young Women in Excellence and I’m on the search for just the right song to teach them. I’d love to hear yours, and take a look at the sheet music.


  27. Rejane Lima

    I love your music! I am planning the program of Excellence for girls this year and loved his music! I’d love to use it in the program. kisses

    • Rejane Lima

      My holy places are my house, the house’s mom, temple in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the my ward and my stake. I love your music! I am planning the program of Excellence for girls this year and loved his music! I’d love to use it in the program. kisses

  28. Joanne Snarr

    I have been searching for weeks, and when I heard this song it brought the spirit I was looking for. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents. This will be perfect for our young women in excellence. I would love to purchase a copy of the sheet music and mp3.


    My sister Paula Hamblin just introduced me to your music and I loved it! Besides all of the obvious ones, my holy places are in the mountains, playing my piano, watching our daughters succeed in something, watching the stars at night, driving as the snow falls while listening to Christmas music, receiving or watching a Priesthood blessing, watching a Primary program, and singing in the ward choir. Now that I know who you are and what you do, I am sure I will be a big fan of all your music. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  30. Kristin

    My holy places are my home , my neighborhood where I take walks, and my church and temple. Thank for for sharing your music!

  31. Veralyn

    This song is wonderful!!!! I try to make our home a holy place for all of us to stand in. I notice that when we attend the Temple it helps me in making our home a holy place to stand by bringing the spirit home with us, and by helping establish that spirit of peace and love.

    You mentioned that you would give a free mp3, but I was wondering if it was possible to get the sheet music instead?

    Keep up the great work! I love your songs!

  32. Tiffany Pulsipher

    This is such a beautiful song & is so inspiring. You have an amazing talent, thanks for sharing it!

  33. Linda Ostler

    Shawna, I would love to share an experience that made me feel gratitude and pride in my daughter. She was on the High School drill team. They were going to a competition in Southern Calif. and the drill instructor had planned for them to go to Disneyland on Sunday. She did not feel good about this and worried how to deal with it. At last she went to her instructor and asked if it would be possible for her just to stay in buss on Sunday and read while the team did Disneyland. She explained her beliefs and feelings. After she had done this, a couple more girls spoke up and said they felt the same. A few days later, the instructor said she had changed the plans, and they would go on Monday before they came home.

    • Shawna

      Hi, Linda. Thanks so much for sharing! What a great story — had the group gone forward with their plans for Sunday, the bus would have been a holy place that day. Tell your daughter she’s awesome. :)

  34. kelly johnson

    my holy places are the temple and the shower and holding a brand new baby and when I go for a walk in the morning and see all the beauty in Gods creations. Thank you for sharing your music.

  35. Claudeanburke Burke

    It’s been awhile since I’ve written to you! I listened to “Stand” again today and its so beautiful. My son got his call and is going to Thailand in December. I was trying to find the sheet music on your site so I could purchase it. I’d love it to be sung at his farewell in a few weeks. Where can I buy it? You are so talented. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world!

  36. Sybil Reeves

    What an amazing song. I would love to hear our young women sing this song, do you sell the sheet music for it? Excellent!

  37. Emily

    I would love the sheet music for STAND and THE MIRACLE. I am excited to teach THE MIRACLE to our Activity Day girls and join with the YW so we can sing in Sacrament Meeting in the weeks before Easter. These are beautiful songs. Thank you for sharing your talents!!


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