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Social Media Dropout

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Dear Mr. Social Media Expert,

I tried. I really did. When you said I had to have a Facebook fan page to get my music “out there,” I made one. When you said I had to have a Twitter account, I did that, too. I jumped through all the hoops — I posted. I invited. I linked in. I tweeted, and I tooted……my own horn.

And I hated it. I felt like I was back in Junior High School, doing everything I could just to be noticed.

You’re as good as they get at Social Media, and I really believe that more people would hear my music if I did all this stuff, but you know what? If that’s what it takes, then I’ll just keep my music where it is.

See, here’s the thing: If I took your advice, I would have to post something in five different places at least once a day — my Facebook, my Facebook fan page, my website, my blog, and Twitter. REALLY? I mean, my life just isn’t that interesting! I can imagine it now…..Hmmmm…..I’m off to the store to augment my secret supply of Reese’s Puffs……Now I’m working on some music for the local Elementary School……Now I’m watching the 27th Republican Debate this month while ironing white shirts for the Mister……Now I’m making the same thing for dinner that I make every Monday. I’ve already posted the recipe three times, but hey, just in case you missed it, here it is again……YAWN!!!

People have better things to do than read about me. And there’s only so many different ways I can say, “Look at me!” or “Listen to my music!” Now, if I had 100 songs that I had written and recorded, then I could figure out a way to make an interesting conversation out of them. But I don’t. And if I spend all my time tweeting and tooting, I’ll never have time to write any more songs.

So, thanks for your help. Like I said, you’re as good as they get, and you were willing to sit down with me — for free — and I really do appreciate it. But tomorrow, I’ll be taking my Facebook fan page and my Twitter account down. Then I’ll happily return to being a Facebook once-a-monther, and occasionally updating my website and posting on my blog.

And I’ll be content living my simple life and writing my simple music. Even if nobody notices.

Thanks again, and all the very best,



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  1. David K

    Shawna – interesting thoughts. I guess this is why people hire marketing experts to do it for them.

    We’re grateful to have you continue to do your simple work in your simple life. You’ll continue to bless those close to you. And as time goes on, the blessings will spread – I have no doubt of that!

  2. Rachel

    Thanks for this post, Shawna. I appreciate knowing that there is someone out there like me. I am a composer/arranger/songwriter. I have a website for my music, and I have backed off of facebook and trying to get the word out because it felt like it was running my life. If the songs are good, the word will spread by itself.

  3. Linda

    Shauna, is there a way I can buy a download, or copy of The Miracle, the Easter Video.
    It would go so perfect and add so much to my lesson on Sunday. you can e-mail me at my email.
    Thanks Linda

  4. Lila

    Hi Shawna! Beautiful music. Jee, a composer heard “Do you have Room” and shared it with me. We are doing a one hour Christmas Program which is a true blessing from the Lord and we are wondering if we could do a recording of this song. Our program is in 2 weeks and we had a finalized list of songs and then we heard this song. It would be a wonderful addition to our program for calling people to the Lord. Thanks so much Shawna. I need to spend time on your site looking for more songs.
    Looking forward to your response. For Him Alone, Lila;o)

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