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The Half-Lit Wreath

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For years, I have hung a wreath on each of the front windows of our home during December. Two days ago, half of the lights on one of the wreaths went out, and it looked a little  like a giant white chocolate-dipped Oreo hanging on the window.

So I went to Target yesterday to buy a new string, and as I made my way to the back of the store, I overheard the following comments from random people:

Young boy, “We’ve been shopping FOREVER!”

Husband: “Haven’t we spent enough on her already?”

Mother: “Knock it off or you’re going straight to your room when we get home!”

Meanwhile, I could hear the faint strains of It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year playing over the intercom. I thought, “There’s something wrong with this picture.”

It reminded me of a column I recently read by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, Colorado. He says, “The world has an ingenious ability to attach itself to what Christians believe; tame it; subvert it — and then turn it against the very people who continue to believe. Too many Americans don’t really celebrate Christmas. They may think they do, but they don’t. They celebrate Exmas.”

These random thoughts were all floating around in my head in the middle of the night, as I thought of all the dichotomies of the world’s Christmas:

Christ was born in the most simple and humble of circumstances, but the world commemorates His birth in the most complicated way imaginable. He gave us all of the greatest gifts of Heaven and earth, but the world buys up gifts of no worth. He gives to all freely, and forbids none to come unto Him, but the world celebrates a Christmas that is only for those with money to spend.

Like the half-lit wreath on our window, we can do everything humanly possible to “put on” a perfect Christmas, but without the enduring light of Christ, our Christmas is incomplete, inconsequential, and even downright silly.

So my Simplify Christmas invitation today is this: Take a few minutes to sit down TODAY and write a list of the blessings you have in your life because of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Post your list in an obvious place and add to it throughout the week. I hope that focusing on the gifts He gives us will help us center our Christmas celebration a little more on Him.

And here’s a great video about the true Spirit of Christmas. Take 4 minutes to watch it — you’ll be glad you did.



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  1. Mia Macatol

    I was looking for a song for my Christmas solo in our church and came across in You Tube your song and the video. I was really struck by the song that I kept on repeating it. I didn’t felt tired of listening to the song and decided to subscribe it here because this is the song that I imagined singing in our church. I know many will be be touched with this song and its lyrics. When I subscribed, I wasn’t able to because it pops that there are technical problems. I do hope that I can get an accompaniment copy of this song and would really be glad to have a free copy if you would be generous. I would announce your name to the audience, I promise you that.
    Thanks and I hope you could consider my request. More power and God bless!

  2. Alauna

    I thought I’d share a favorite Christmas memory. For years, my parents had me and my two siblings perform at Christmas time. We’d visit the widows and childless couples/empty nesters in our neighborhood and sing, play instruments, read Christmas stories and poems for them. At the time it was nerve-wracking for me, because I was very shy. But now I look back at these times with gratitude. We gave true gifts of the heart and received so much more in return. It’s something I’d like to do with my own children some day–something that always reminded me that Christmas was about Christ, love and service, not gifts under a tree. In this way, I hope to encourage my family to make room for him. I love this song and its message and would love to have a sheet music copy. Thanks for the beautiful music!

  3. Whitney

    My favorite Christmas memory/tradition is when our family puts up the Christmas tree, We listen to Christmas music, and we can always feel the Spirit very strongly. I love this because my soul is filled with the anticipation for Christmas. Every time I see the Christmas tree, I don’t think about gifts, I feel a surge of love for my Savior, and I feel how blessed I am to have the gift of His love for me, and His atonement.

  4. Lauren

    I love this song! It truly has a mes­sage about what Christ­mas is all about. Thanks for shar­ing! My favorite mem­ory would be my lit­tle brother and I, hid­ing flash­lights under our beds Christ­mas Eve night, then wak­ing each other up about 3 or 4 am to see qui­etly tip­toe up the stairs to see what Santa had brought! We had to be very care­ful to skip the top step because it creaked. haha. I would LOVE a copy of the music please, the solo one. Thank you so much

  5. Jolene

    Thanks Shawna. I really enjoyed the video link. While I was playing it, my 5yo daughter came over to watch it. I love your music and enjoy sharing it with others.
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Nancy

    I love the song and am grateful for the beautiful spirit that is felt when anyone listens! Thank you!

  7. Robert

    My favorite Christmas story is spending the time with family. 5 years ago, I adopted the idea of giving. I make an effort to use my creative skills to show each person they are worth the time, effort and energy. This song reminds me of why I chose to do that. I would appreciate the free music download so I can interpret it in sign language at my church.

  8. Michelle Wilton

    Do you have room? This is a question I ask myself daily as well as my children. We all can reflect bakc on the many memories of Christmas as well as the true meaning of Christmas. But, is this enough….is this the only time to reflect on the birth of the christchild? Throughout the year, I remind my family asking, “Do you have room?”

    We can all strive to have room by remembering this sacred event. We can make rrom daily by lending a helping hand, strengthen a friend, soothe a sad child, walking in the store and see someone in need. There are many ways, but most importantly…..”do you have room today and each day?”


  9. Jerri Gibson

    What a very lovely song! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
    I loved the sentiments of one who made the comment about slowing down and truly pondering on Christ the reason we celebrate in the first place. I had started a project for my loved ones in an effort to make my gift to them “special”. One day I realized it was making my life so chaotic that I couldn’t really enjoy Christmas myself. I decided right then that the special project would have to happen later when I allowed more time. I am now enjoying the music, the stories, my scriptures as I have slowed down to ponder more. I have simplified!
    I would very much like a copy of the sheet music of your song. Is there a place to purchase the video also and is it within copyright to show it at a church meeting?

  10. Ella Mayes

    One of the best Christmas memories I have is of singing carols with my family at the nursing home. I had a friend from my waitressing days living there and knew that it would cheer her up. I remember visiting her and letting her know how special she was to me. Not long after that she passed away… I’m glad I got to tell her how I felt. I’m glad she was a part of my life. I try to go caroling each year to the nursing home now.

  11. Linda Pratt

    I would love to sing this song for Christmas Eve. Could I please have a copy of the sheet music? This is such a special year because Christmas is on Sunday, We actually get to celebrate Jesus on His birthday. Jesus has blessed me so much this year that I can’t wait to share this story with others.

  12. Desiree

    How I make room for Christ in my life is by praying every night. I know he has given me so much and all he asks in return is a few things. I want to live with my heavenly father again and by praying every night I become closer to him. I would love to have the sheet music to “Do you have room” so my dad can play it on the piano Christmas morning and I can sing it for my family. Thanks so much.

  13. Emma Owen

    My favorite Christmas memory is a very vague and mostly faded memory. It actually happened on December 18, and I was almost 3. I remember being very happy as I was leaving the church building (December 18 fell on a Sunday that year). We ended up going to the hospital to see my brand new baby sister. She is my only little sister and I love her dearly. She was my favorite Christmas present that year, and I have never gotten a better Christmas present than a best friend.

  14. Amanda

    I came across your song on facebook… it was posted on an LDS missionary page… and I cried through it, it was so beautiful! I immediately bought the song on iTunes, but would love the sheet music- so I’m sharing a favorite Christmas memory!
    My father was in the military for 30 years, and we traveled all over the world while I was growing up. When I was thirteen, my father had a battalion command in Germany, and sadly, that Christmas he was called upon to run the railheads sending soldiers down to Bosnia late on Christmas Eve. When he received his orders, I remember my parents discussing what they could do to make the deployment easier for the soldiers having to leave at such a special time. My mother and father gathered up bundles of Christmas decorations, located a Christmas tree last-minute, and managed to get the ingredients for Christmas meals and treats together. They took my sister and I to the sparsely furnished station buildings where so many soldiers were spending their last few hours before deployment on the trains, and we put up the tree, decorated, and shared Christmas goodies that night with all the men and women waiting there. Even though we were not in our warm house, with our own tree, and tucked in our snug beds, I will always treasure that Christmas because it made me realize that the Christmas spirit can be brought anywhere, and in any circumstance.

  15. Heather B

    This song is so touching and the lyrics are so very powerful. I’d been searching for a song with the true message of Christmas and this is absolutely it! We all must have room for our Savior even when the world tells us we will fail. Jesus IS the reason for the season and we must never forget this!! He humbly came into the world so that all who believe in Him can have eternity in heaven. This song is so beautiful and really makes anyone who hears it think about the room that they have for the Lord.
    God Bless you all!

  16. Karen Lewis

    I love your song! If I may get a free copy of Do You Have Room?( the Piano/solo version ) I’d be very much obliged. I try to make room for the Savior by reading Christmas stories and putting together a Christmas Eve Program for my family. Every year my family goes caroling around the neighborhood proclaiming Jesus’ birth and Joy to all the world. Through this we see how much the message is given even if we don’t sound right on key.I love the Christmas season for the change in the air, the feel of brotherly kindness, the songs of praise, the thoughtful gifts given and received. Jesus Christ is a gift to all of us; his atonement for our sins. I love making my gifts for my family because it is a ton of fun and I think my family appreciates them more. Have a Very Merry Cherry Cherry Christmas!! :D

  17. Sariah

    I would love a free copy of the sheet music (the piano/solo version) if possible, the song is incredible!!
    I try to make room for the saviour by helping to prepare our family’s special family home evening all about the birth of the saviour and the light that he is in our life. This tradition has been set in place as a way to make sure the real meaning and value of Christmas inst lost in out home throughout all the celebrations! its something we look forward to every year. so have a very merry Christmas!

  18. Rebekah

    Your song “Do you have room?” is extremely powerful. I want to share it with my family this Christmas. I think that in all of our lives we need the reminder of simplicity and what Christmas truly means. This song helps to reflect on my Savior and the gratitude I feel for His influence in my life. Thank you for sharing this beauiful music.

  19. Karen Jarvis

    I’ve had a really hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year due to the fact that there have been alot of family problems. It seems like some of the prophecies about families in the last days are coming true in my own family. Two of the things I have always been passionate about are families and music. Music has always been an inspiration to me and helps calm my soul. I love this song and the message it has. It made me stop and think and realize that I needed to make more room for the Savior in my life. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Teddy G. Martin

    Shawna; Scott Hinckley and his wife shared this at our Christmasday Sacrament meeting
    and I felt that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir should review this piece, and use it; It is aprpo for Easter OR Christmas! It’s a great piece, both musically and poetically, which is rare… Thanks.. Ted
    PS My son Chris is person that does the sound for the Choir broadcasts, and for the Conference Center. I’ll tell him about your music. T

  21. john demarcus

    I have a favorite memory this year. I didn’t really need anything for Christmas this year since I am one of the lucky ones in todays economy that has everything I need to live well. I told those who were buying gifts for me this year to spend the money in a different way and give what they would have spent on me to someone who could have better use for it. My sister shared a story of a family with a small child who has been hit this year alone with two layoffs and is due for some good cheer. She bought them the Christmas that was supposed to be for me and then told me who it was for. I felt more of the Christmas spirit in that moment than I have ever felt at Christmas before. I could hardly control the emotions. I am so grateful for my blessings, for my sister, and for my Saviour.

  22. Ken Mano

    I came upon the song through the Meridian Magazine, I had already prepared my talk for Christmas day and had focused on the Christmas season and Christmas music. The music and words were so beautiful, that I included the words in my talk and of course referenced you as the author. Would you have room became the focus of my talk and received many comments on it afterward. I’ve listened to the music video many times and purchased a copy of the music from your website to get the exact words. Thank you for your wonderful contribution.

  23. Naomi

    I do believe that this year is my favorite Christmas memory. My family has been experiencing difficulties, financially & emotionally, that left us with almost no Christmas gifts. Yet within our hearts the anticipation of celebrating the miraculous birth of our Savior stirred us to joy and excitement! What a surprise it was to wake up Christmas morning to piles of gifts on our porch! My boys were thrilled with each gift they unwrapped! Yet the most touching moment was worshiping our Lord on His birthday in a church filled with friends & family, singing praises to the One who redeems & saves & provides & comforts!

    I recently heard your beautiful song, Do You Have Room and immediately searched iTunes for it. Would LOVE to have a copy of the song & the sheet music, but if I must choose, then I would pick the song so I can listen to it repeatedly each Christmas!

  24. Carla Lowe

    We went with some of our grandchildren and daughters and sons to a live nativity. It was windy. It was so cold and I wondered if it was worthwhile spending the time freezing. Then a lovely woman came foreward and sang the song “Do You Have Room?” by Shawna Edwards and immediately warmth spread throughout my body and soul. What a timely message and beautiful melody. It was perfect and what I needed to remind me that at that moment…right there was where we all needed to be.

  25. Nobi

    These songs are great….
    Wording are wonderfulll…
    Sound are beatifull
    Don’t stop to praise and thankfull to Heavenly God

  26. Sarah Perkin

    I am looking for some songs for our worship team to do at our Christmas events and a friend had found this song. What a great question for us all to ask ourselves: Do we have room?

  27. Karen DelBaggio

    I wanted to use this song in our Christmas Eve program. How do I get a copy of the piano music?

  28. Andy


    We were preparing ourselves for a Christmas Concert with a group of singers in our church.
    And as I was preparing myself and learned all the lyrics to know them by heart I asked God to help me through this procedure. But also I not to prepare only my voice, the group and the people for this upcoming concerts, but to prepare my heart to be a good witness for him. And he showed me what bad person I really was and that I needed a fresh cleansing from my sins and redemption from my past. I asked him and some people I hurt in the past to forgive me and God gave me a new chance and now I’m free and clean. And he really blessed the concerts and it has been one of the most beautiful Christmas concerts I have ever had.

    I would like to have the sheet music of “Do you have room” for this years Christmas Eve.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Kind regards,

  29. Andy

    We were preparing ourselves for a Christmas Concert with a group of singers in our church.
    And as I was preparing myself and learned all the lyrics to know them by heart I asked God to help me through this procedure. But also I not to prepare only my voice, the group and the people for this upcoming concerts, but to prepare my heart to be a good witness for him. And he showed me what bad person I really was and that I needed a fresh cleansing from my sins and redemption from my past. I asked him and some people I hurt in the past to forgive me and God gave me a new chance and now I’m free and clean. And he really blessed the concerts and it has been one of the most beautiful Christmas concerts I have ever had.

    I would like to have the sheet music of “Do you have room” for this years Christmas Eve.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Kind regards,

  30. Julie Smith

    Thank-you for this beautiful song! I would like to get the sheet music and recording if possible!

    • Shawna Belt Edwards

      Julie, I am no longer giving the music away. I have given it away for 3 years, but it is beginning to be a very expensive hobby. You can order it by clicking on “Order Music.” Thanks for your kind words.

  31. Wendy Stock

    I’ve been trying to find a Christmas Song for my sister to sing at our Relief Society Christmas Program next month. I came across your site while googling different christmas songs and fell in love with your song, “Do You Have Room.” The message is perfect and goes along with our program. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the world.


  32. Tierney

    I am doing a slideshow music video for my relief society christmas meeting this year and our theme is Centered on Christ. I have been looking around for a song that would be beautiful and inspiring to the ladies and a friend of mine told me about your song! It is just amazing and the lady who is singing it has a beautiful voice! I am going to be using your music thank you writing a beautiful piece!

    Since you are collecting christmas stories I will share with you one of mine. One christmas my father was out of the home at the time and my mother was working hard to keep a house over our heads and food in 5 childrens tummys. We knew christmas was going to be really tight that year so as the oldest I told my mother to not worry about me for christmas and that i was old enough to understand. I helped my mother make some homemade gifts like blankets. On christmas eve after the kids went to bed, my mother and i were watching the nutcracker ballet and putting the gifts around the tree when there was a knock at the door. there on the step was 4 boxes full of gifts and food! We were so happy and placed the gifts around the tree… of course the next morning the kids were excited (and so was i because i got gifts too!) Now the story doesn’t end there, the reason I am telling you this story is because we grabbed some of our favorite stuff we just got and went to grandma’s house to show her. Shortly after we got there my grandma’s bishop showed up at the door and told my grandma that a new family had just moved it. It was a single mother with 4 kids who was divorcing a abusive man. This family didn’t have any gifts for christmas and he was wondering if my grandma had any spare quilts lying around (grandma was a quilter). My brother who at the time was 9 asked how old the kids were. The bishop explained that the children were 11,8,6, and 4. 2 girls and 2 boys. my brother then stepped forward and handed all of his new presents to this bishop and told him to give them to the little boys. And of course one by one my little sister, my other brothers and myself gave this bishop all of our new stuff. When we asked my brother why? he said that in sunday school he had learned that jesus wants us to love him like he loves us and that means loving everyone. I still remember that to this day and it is a memory I will have forever…

  33. KM Beach

    Can I please have a copy of the sheet music? I love this song, by the way!
    My favorite Christmas Memory was playing with the Nativity set when I was a child. It had a music box that played “Silent Night”. It was glass and breakable, but I couldn’t stay away from it. I loved to “rock” the baby Jesus while the song played. I would listen to the song over and over again, holding the baby Jesus. To this day, I have a love for Nativity sets and collect them.

  34. Lisa

    Thank you for your beautiful song and reminder to make room for Jesus, not just at Christmas, but every day! My family loves to make Jesus a birthday cake on Christmas to not lose sight that His birthday is the reason we can celebrate! To think that Jesus came from heaven in all the glory to be born in such a humble place as a stable for us…… overwhelms me how deep His love for me is! I would love the sheet music to your song if you would be so generous. I enjoy playing and worshiping God through music. The words to your song were so beautiful and thought-provoking. I want my focus to be on Jesus and not get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

  35. Marjan

    My favourite christmas memory is when I sang in church about discourages, how Jesus had so many and continued to do where he came for. That same day we went to my mother, 300 km to drive. When we were almost there our car got troubles and we had to go home. Our christmas diner was at a gas station and still we managed to have one of the best christmasses because we were together.
    I love this song and would love to have a copy of the sheetmusic so I can try to sing it myself

  36. mikolo

    I love this song and I’d like to teach it to my sunday school pupils for the glory of our Lord for this christmas. God bless you

  37. Gloria

    I remember one Christmas that my family and I decided instead of giving each other gifts, (we usually drew names), that we would instead use the $ we would have on each other, to give it to a charity of our choice. It truly blesses you when you give to others, not expecting anything in return. God Bless you! I would love to have a copy of the sheet music. Thank you!

  38. Connie Conley

    I love your song, “Do you have room.” I heard the song on You Tube for the first time. I am a director of putting together Christmas programs for our church. Your song would so be appropiate for our program. I will always make time for Him. (Jesus) I would love to abtain the sheet music to this song and, use it if I may. So many times we get so busy and leave Him out but He is the reason for the season. I love Him dearly. Just appreciate the message in this song so much. Thank You!

  39. Connie Conley

    I love your song, “Do you have room.” I love the message in this song so much. I saw and heard it for the first time on, “You Tube.” I will always make room for Him. He is the reason for the season. With your premission I would like to use it in our Christmas program this year. Thank You so much for this song. Would love to have the sheet music. Thank You Again!

  40. Donneta

    This is the first time i had heard this song. Thank you so much for your music!
    I have a board up in our living room and our kitchen, that says “Simplify the Season, Celebrate the Savior.” I leave it up year round to remind me what is really important.
    Your song reminds me of the same thing. Thank you.

  41. David Wright

    What a great song. Heard it last year for the first time, what a blessing! We bought the track and one of our soloist sang it. I am planning to use it this year with our children as a part of our Christmas celebration. Would love to have the sheet music so we can do it live with our band. Thanks and keep writing great music!

  42. Carrie

    Thank you so much for this song! A student taking voice lessons would like to sing it and I would love the sheet music for it.

    The way I am making room for Jesus right now is to remember to pray for his guidance every day for our leaders of our country.

    Thanks so much!

  43. sue

    I too was looking for a song and was really blown away hearing this on u tube, would love the sheet music.

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