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Do You Have Room Presentation about unplugging the “materialism machine” and making more room for the Savior in our lives. The presentation includes inspirational stories, music and multi-media. I would love to come give the presentation to your group. Please contact me with the date and I will respond as soon as possible. The presentation is free.

Contact me at ShawnaBeltEdwards@gmail(dot)com.

I recently had the privilege of speaking to the greatest audience ever — the National Advisory Council (NAC) spouses at BYU. The NAC is a group of successful LDS businessmen and women from around the country. And their spouses (approximately 225 of them) are equally successful, and they were attentive and easy to talk to. I hope it was as much fun for them as it was for me.


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  1. Tara Arnesen

    Thank you so much for sharing your presentation despite your misgivings. The message spoke to my soul and powerfully reinforced some messages that the Spirit has been whispering to me in different ways over the past few weeks. I’m sure your presentation is even better in person, but seeing as how I live in Ohio, I probably would never have had the opportunity to hear it in person. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many simply by sharing.

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